Improve your sporting performance with bioresonance

Bioresonance is an effective solution for sportsmen and women who have to cope with heavy, sustained physical exertion. It provides invaluable support against muscular pain and inflammation.

The bioresonance acts under the effect of electromagnetic frequencies to :

TARGET and BALANCE deficiencies in the nutrients and hormones needed for good mental and physical cohesion.

AID tissue oxygenation and general muscle stimulation, essential during training and on competition day.

HARMONIZE the emotional, because it's important to put emotions aside and know how to manage stress. This will enable you to excel on the big day and achieve your goals.

PROVIDE emotional and physical comfort during injury phases for faster recovery.

Manage your emotions to perform

The stress and psychological pressure of expecting results can put a damper on your sporting performance.

The bioresonance is a considerable asset for athletes, as it helps to rebalance the body's dysfunctions and restore a state of well-being.

Become better at your discipline

Even if you're persistent in your training, don't underestimate your physical and emotional capabilities.
That's why our scanners, the LIFE-System and the QuantaScan Pro help you regain your self-confidence, improve your physical performance and recover your energy levels during and after sport.

The benefits and advantages of bioresonance in sport

Sports performance

Muscle injuries

Physical pain - physical injury

Back pain








Pain control

Physical stress

Emotional stress


Blood circulation


The world's most gifted professional athletes have understood that with bioresonance it's possible to prepare the mind for physical challenges.

They include Novak Djokovic, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tiger Woods, Philippe Candeloro, Romain Cardis and many others...

Source: Article in Le monde - Newspaper by Thierry Lardeux