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Did you know that our body's largest organ is our skin?
Our skin is essential to our equilibrium.

It's the body's largest and most adaptable organ. It's made up of 3 layers: the epidermis, the dermis and the subcutaneous layer, or hypodermis. Healthy skin contains around 10-20% water.

Our lymphatic system provides nutrients to keep it healthy, hydrated and clear.

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The skin performs many functions, including :
- Protects against infections, dehydration, wounds and excessive sun exposure
- Supports the immune system
- Receives light to stimulate body functions
- Produces endocrine hormones and assimilates vitamin D
- Receives sensory information to recognize pain, pressure and temperature
- Regulates body temperature and excretes waste via pores and sweat glands
- Adapts to physical growth and movement
Appropriate care for our skin is therefore necessary to reduce the harmful effects of our environment and modern lifestyles.

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Skin aging

Many factors can damage the skin, including overexposure to sunlight, air pollution, cigarette smoke, chemical and environmental toxins, soaps, cosmetics, malnutrition, dehydration, hormonal imbalance, repressed emotions, repetitive facial expressions and chronic stress.

Dehydration is a very common cause of skin aging. When the skin loses sufficient moisture, it becomes dry, flaky and fine lines begin to form. As the skin becomes drier, collagen and hormones are lost, and the skin can no longer retain the moisture it needs. Over time, this leads to inflammation, stiff skin that lacks suppleness, deeper wrinkles, discoloration and age spots.

With the L.I.F.E.-System, you have a way of balancing the effects of these stress factors. By offering essential frequencies to the biofield of the body and skin. To help you maintain proper physiological function, balance and well-being, while enjoying brighter, more radiant skin.

Internal bodies

The skin shows the internal state of the body, and the facial check-up is a fundamental tool in Traditional Chinese Medicine for identifying internal organ imbalances. Specific areas of the face correlate with the internal organs (known in Chinese as Zang Fu). By observing the areas in which problems occur, we can identify the specific organ(s) involved, then apply the appropriate feedback to balance tissues and harmonize organ function.

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