H.E.B.II - Harmonic Energy Balancer

What is the H.E.B.II?

H.E.B.II is a wave-sharing system based on the idea that every person (humans, objects, plants, animals or places) is surrounded by a field of subtle energies.

The H.E.B.II acts on the photographic representation of the subject concerned. Its digital image turns on a hard disk. The H.E.B.II sends peaceful prayers of compassion in all directions and purifies the area like a Tibetan Prayer Wheel.

With the help of "a quantum Tibetan prayer wheel completed with your personal information", the H.E.B.II spreads combined information, a series of energy waves of : Light, Sound, Color, Geometries, Sacred Music, Affirmations and Prayers.

These vibratory methods, combined with other internal applications of the software, are sent to the individual wherever he or she may be through his or her photographic image. The affirmation patterns presented by the H.E.B.II can act on several aspects of the individual whether they are physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual.

In the 21st century, the Dalai Lama tells us that having prayers and mantras in your computer works the same way as a traditional Prayer Wheel.

The Harmonic Energy Balancer opens an optimal energetic path to success, well-being, harmony of humans, animals, structures, places and nature.

Tibetan Prayer Wheel H.E.B.II

Tibetan Prayer Wheel

A little history

A prayer wheel is a cultural object used by Tibetans practicing Buddhism. Buddhism is one of the great religions, born in India in the 15th century BC, based on the teachings of a mendicant and spiritual teacher called "Buddha".

The 14th Dalai Lama

We distinguish three "Jewels in Buddhism :

  • The Buddha the master, founder of Buddhism
  • The Dharma : the whole of the teachings of the Buddha
  • The Samgha the community of followers on the path to enlightenment

The first prayer wheels were used in China and Tibet until the fourth century. The concept of the prayer wheel literally means "turning the wheel of the Dharma".
A Tibetan Buddhist prayer wheel consists of a cylinder, the container, and an axis of rotation around which prayers, also called mantras, are wound.

Mantras (sacred formulas) are gradually becoming associated with meditation. They are also constantly repeated for religious purposes and are particularly used in the Dharmic religions.

The energy of prayer and positive affirmations transcend time and space

Personal affirmations are inserted into a prayer wheel and the matrix sends the vibratory information of these into the infinite field of space for the realisation of our highest aspirations by a boomerang effect, according to the principles of the law of attraction.

Beyond the cutting edge of such technology, this program is a blessing to our personal journey. The H.E.B.II touches the mind and heart of everyone involved. The Harmonic Energy Balancer is a path to enlightenment.

Discover how a session with the H.E.B.II unfolds

H.E.B.II is a continuous form of virtual prayer

Since our image is a holographic representation of ourselves through our sacred intention, the H.E.B.II acts as a model of continuous powerful affirmations and energies. It then interacts with this holographic self represented by the photographic matrix of our biosignature.

Individual signature or unique energy footprint

Each individual has a unique energetic fingerprint, their address in the universe. The intention of the person receiving the energetic information works like a magnet, attracting the necessary information for a gentle rebalancing process of the individual.

This visible energy signature surrounds the physical body and is commonly called the Aura. This has been demonstrated by the Kirlian photography process. The photo is an energetic imprint on which energy is imprinted.

The H.E.B.II Harmony Balancer is designed to balance your energy and help you stay happy and healthy. The person's intention works like a magnet, attracting the necessary information.

Kirlian macrophotography of a leaf.
Source : doorofperception.com
Energy imbalance

Over the years, we experience stressful events physically, emotionally or mentally that destabilize our immune system and make us more vulnerable. The H.E.B.II program helps to balance our energy. It gradually removes the layers of stress.

Biosignatures and Fractal images

The H.E.B.II diffuses information combining energetic waves of: light, sound, color, geometries and music, sacred, affirmations and prayers.

Biosignatures are positive images of nature, gems or anatomy. These images are superimposed on the subject's photos, transferring their energy. They contain vibrational qualities similar to the organs they resonate with.

Fractal images are visual representations of the subject's energy. They add a dimension to energy balancing in this program.

Newberg's theory

Newberg's theory is based on research begun in the 1970s. It uses "SPECT" imaging technology: during meditations or prayers, blood flow is greatly reduced in the left parietal lobe (an area of associations and orientations directly linked to language and writing), favoring access to modified states of consciousness and perceptions of subtle worlds.

"Some forms of positive energy attract some forms of energy".

When our thoughts, actions and energies are disharmonious and out of control, they flow and mix with those of others like two different colored liquids in the same glass that can no longer be separated.

We are faced with two necessities: one is to control our own energy and the other is to allow ourselves to have a defense against the impact of negative external energies.

The H.E.B.II is an essential help to find our essence on our life path.


"As a nurse, I feel qualified to write the following testimonial: I have suffered from depression for many years and have tried to stop taking antidepressants without success. After trying H.E.B.II, I felt a feeling of well-being that speaks for itself. A medication does not replace this feeling. I decreased the antidepressants and felt good. There was again an unusual amount of stress in my life, personally and professionally, and H.E.B.II helped me deal with this crazy pace much more easily than before. I have been following the H.E.B.II harmonic balancing program for 6 months. For 22 years, I suffered from genital herpes with painful attacks once a month without diminishing. I have not had a blister since I started the program. This is amazing for me, as I have recently been under extreme stress which normally makes my condition worse. I also had a tendency to get cold easily in the past and since starting the program, I haven't suffered as much."

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