Get your future off the ground with professional retraining

Get trained and discover the wonderful and fascinating world of bioresonance and biofeedback

To finance the purchase of the QuantaScan Pro or the LIFE-SystemQuantaform International offers you an adapted FINANCING PLAN, as well as a detailed BUSINESS PLAN .

Professional retraining adapted to auto-entrepreneur status

In order to make a success of your professional reconversion project, as a "bioenergetic therapist" auto-entrepreneur you can create your company under the APE or NAF code 8690F "Human health activities not elsewhere classified."

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An online kitty for a successful career change

If you'd like to buy one of our scanners, LIFE System, QuantaScan Pro, but don't have the necessary funds, think about creating an online kitty.

Below you'll find an example of a text that can help you create an online kitty for your career transition project.

Obviously, this text has to be personalized.
Here's a site tailored to your needs:

Think about contacting your family and friends and asking them to participate in your project, either as a loan or as a credit towards treatment sessions. Knowing that each new customer brings you between 5 and 10 new customers.

Discover the sample text to use

Open example
Hello, Welcome to this kitty! My name is Xxxxx. I've been training intensively in (quantum and other therapies) for X years, as well as in (e.g. naturopathy, iridology and chromo-luminotherapy, music and quantum therapy, etc.). I'm going to tell you all about this vibratory method, which allows you to rebalance your entire body, thus restoring energy balance. I use this method on a daily basis. I set up an individual program to help you find a space of peace, transparency and coherence, and rediscover your bodily harmony. Bioresonance is a method of vibrational quantum therapy that can prevent, detect and repair energetic imbalances at the earliest possible stage. These devices, such as the QuantaScan Pro or the LIFE System, use the principle of BIORESONANCE and BIOFEEDBACK, which is the analysis of the vibratory response of the body placed in an imperceptible, totally painless and non-invasive electromagnetic field. Their simple and effective analysis allows you to : - Identify your body's energetic state, the quality of the body's resources, the potential effects of a substance on the human body, and psychic and emotional activity. - Adjust and prevent energy imbalances likely to cause dysfunction, 1 to 15 years before they occur. - Correct energetic imbalances in all parts of the body in real time using meta-therapy. To find out more, watch this video: how a session works. I'm running this campaign to acquire this equipment. The Russians have been developing this technology to help astronauts for over 50 years, having discovered that allopathy doesn't work in zero gravity. This machine will enable me to offer you a different and complementary method, always with the aim of restoring, repairing, maintaining, nourishing and preserving your state of well-being. Today, I'd like to go even further, but with you. So I'm appealing to you who trust me, to your solidarity and generosity, to help me finance my project, which is so close to my heart. You know my professional involvement and its merits. The average length of your consultation is 01h30, broken down as follows: 30 minutes for data collection, and 01h00 for analysis and rebalancing of the dysfunctions identified by the assessment. For any donation of €60 or more, I offer a 01h00 consultation. For every donation of €90 or more, I offer a 01h30 consultation. For any donation of €450 or more, I offer as many 01h30 consultations as the amount of the donation + 1 free consultation to 1 person of your choice. For any donation of €1,000 or more, I offer as many 1.5-hour consultations as the amount of the donation + 1 free consultation to 2 people of your choice. Please send me your full contact details (NAME, FIRST NAME, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE, E-MAIL) so that we can make our 1st appointment together and provide you with the corresponding additional free treatments. Even a small contribution is invaluable when it comes to purchasing equipment. You can simply share my project with as many people as possible so that it becomes visible and known. Participation is free. The site is fully secure. I'm counting on you! You can make your contribution to the fund by clicking on "I participate": - Participation is free - The site is fully secure