Objectives of bioresonance and biofeedback training :

The aim of this bioresonance and biofeedback training course is to teach you the fundamental theoretical and practical principles. Ainsi, vous serez en capacité d’utiliser parfaitement le LIFE-System pour votre usage personnel ou professionnel.

The training includes discovering the LIFE-System, getting to grips with the device and using all the modules. This training is solely related to the proper operation of the device.

What's more, there are no prerequisites for our training courses, although some anatomical knowledge will facilitate the training process.

Course duration :

  • 8h theory + 8h practice.


  • Theoretical training is divided into 4 different levels, enabling you to perfect your training or refresh your knowledge.
1Level 1
Discover the features : switch on the device, create the customer master record, perform start-up calibrations, understand program navigation basic assessment: reactivity test - brain Susceptibility - Neuroemotional - Rife
2Level 2
Supervision of wellness modules How and when to use them? Using HEB II and Body Balancer
3Level 3
Supervision of wellness modules How and when to use them? (continued)
4Level 4
Interpreting the reactivity test Creation of customized data sheets Choice of items based on customer problems and results

We remind you that personal practice is recommended. It's an essential component of bioresonance and biofeedback training that shouldn't be overlooked.

At the end of the course, although you will receive follow-up support, we suggest that you become a member of the Centre de biorésonance in order to gain access to more in-depth training, which includes :

  • Video conferences on the LIFE-System every Monday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on "Zoom". Nelda (Training Manager) will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the LIFE-System and its many possibilities.
  • Interventions by professionals in natural therapies, every Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm by video conference on "Zoom". These moments of sharing and exchange are very interesting. They offer you a multitude of possible approaches to using the LIFE-System; depending on the user and his or her ability to combine bioresonance with other natural techniques.
  • Preferential prices for events organized by Quantaform International: Conferences, Master Classes, etc.
  • Your free listing on the map of bioresonance professionals.
  • Access to the library and video library for all technical aids.
A little history

Founded in 2005 by Claude-Jean LapostatQuantaform International is one of Europe's leading players in the field ofbioresonance and biofeedback.

Claude-Jean Lapostat provides demonstrations and training in bioresonance and biofeedback. These techniques stem from quantum physics.

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