Frequently asked questions

Your questions, our answers
1What is bioresonance?
Bioresonance is a method of analyzing and emitting the body's electromagnetic vibrations to rebalance physical and emotional disorders. This technology is based on the principle that every organism emits vibrations in the form of waves that can be recorded and analyzed to determine the organism's state of well-being. Bioresonance check-ups help identify bodily and chronic disorders. This method is based on the fact that the human body has a capacity for self-regulation, and that bioresonance helps to reinforce this natural ability. It does not replace conventional medical care, but can complement it. In short, bioresonance is a method based on the emission of the body's natural vibrations. LIFE System and QuantaScan Pro help people, animals and plants regain physical and energetic balance
2What is the LIFE System?
The LIFE System is a bioresonance and biofeedback device. acting on well-being and stress reduction.
3How to detect malfunctions?
We connect to the device via a harness fitted with diodes and communicate with the software through a galvanic skin response.
4Can you feel these frequencies?
Most people don't feel the frequencies during the day. analysis, nor during the harmonization process. However, this can to people who are highly sensitive to magnetic vibrations like natural healers who are tuned in to the passing bands energy healing. In this case, these people may experience very slight waves of energetic movement in their bodies.
5How long does it take to feel the effects of a bioresonance session?
Everyone reacts differently. Generally speaking, the body responds to meta-therapy within 48 to 72 hours, rather like a osteopathy session. We've had excellent feedback from people who've tested it. It is in unusual not to notice a positive difference.
6Do we get definitive results from a single session?
We suggest 1 to 3 sessions to notice a difference in his stress levels.
7Can I use these devices on my pet?
Yes, the program works wonders on animals. We that animals are very sensitive to biofeedback, and that they are able to are spontaneously attracted by the frequencies of the such as the LIFE System. These devices are regularly used on pets to deal with emotional wounds, traumas or even support the animal during a competition. Results on horses are spectacular.
8How do you communicate with an animal?
There is a harness accessory called a pet cushion, which is sold separately. The animal can lie on this cushion during the session.
9Is it possible to test products on this device?
You can place a substance on the test plate located on the unit. LIFE System and record its energy signature (frequency) in the program. Then you test your customer's energy resonance to the product. In this way, you create your own own product base.
10Does the LIFE System work remotely?
Yes, the program has meta-space functionality (i.e. remote). To operate, the system relies on the phenomenon of quantum entanglement.
11What are the program modules?
The LIFE program consists of 32 modules presenting body systems, naturopathic products (homeopathy, buds, roots, ayurvedic products, etc.) and more than 1000 emotions listed.
12I've heard that the LIFE System comes with two other programs?
Yes, the program is complete with all software features included. It comes with two other software packages: Body-Balancer light therapy program, which completes the session, and H.E.B. (Harmonic Energy Balancer), which maintains energy between two sessions.
13Who can own this device?
All healthcare practitioners can use this device as a complement to their practice. their knowledge of integrative therapies or the medical profession.
14Who can benefit from bioresonance wellness?
Everyone except pregnant women or people with special needs. implanted medical devices (pacemakers, stents, etc.)
15Is the LIFE System sold only to professionals?
The LIFE System is ideal for professional use. can be used in a personal context, to help family or friends. deal with certain personal dysfunctions. It's really easy to learn, and customers get the hang of it. mastery. Many lifelong learners have started their own needs and those of their families, and have found in the LIFE System a captivating professional practice.
16How long does the course last?
It depends on the individual, on the basic training, on the computer skills, etc. It takes an average of one week personal exercises to acquire navigation dexterity in the program. We suggest practicing first with yourself, your friends and your family. experience, especially if it's your own family. first experience with wellness equipment. Even then, you'll probably feel ready in 1 to 3 months or more. Plan your sessions with our training department. Complete your assessment and you'll receive your certificate.
17Is training included with the LIFE System?
Yes. Quantaform International shares its years of experience. The training depends on your level. It begins with training followed by small-group training and, finally, by an individualized long-term training with all Lifeurs. Training focuses on very different fields, but always related to the ancestral medicines (M.T.C, Ayurvedic, ...), allopathic medicines or (homeopathy, aromatherapy, light therapy). The Club L.I.F.E -System was created to provide training throughout the world. year-round on themes that interact with the device and its users. A library of protocols The manufacturer offers only online video training, but no certificates. That's why it's so important to buy from the right broker who can will truly support you before, during and after your purchase. QUANTAFORM INTERNATIONAL has its own training entity, the Center de Biorésonance and Club Life. That's why QUANTAFORM INTERNATIONAL offers live basic training for L.I.F.E.-. System (online or face-to-face) to all buyers. We want customers feel confident in using their LIFE System, whether for domestic or professional use.
18Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?
Yes. Quantafom International issues a biofeedback training certificate on completion of the training program.
19Do I have to pay a regular subscription once I've purchased the LIFE System?
No. It requires no subscription or Internet connection to operate. work. For safety reasons, the software and client files reside on your computer, not in the cloud. Once you buy the system, you own it for life.
20Are there any updates?
Yes. There are occasional software updates, but you're not obliged to install them. These can be carried out remotely using current. Technical support is located in the United States. With our you will be put in touch with this technical support, which will issues the private license for each computer. For devices more than three years old, a chargeable update may be required. carried out. Simply contact the support department at Quantaform International
21Can I share the purchase with another person?
It all depends on your organization and its intended use. This is your sole responsibility when it comes to using the device.
22Are you present only in France?
We also represent the LIFE System as a distributor. exclusive, training and support service for all holders of a system, in French-speaking countries (except Canada), Italy, Spain and France. Portugal. The head office for worldwide distribution is located at Canada.
23Can I work with my Quantaform International certificate?
There is an APE code for quantum energy therapists with which you can exercise. However, we strongly encourage you to to learn more about becoming a seasoned practitioner! You you can earn wellness coach certificates or continue your studies as a homeopath, naturopath or any other profession specificity in natural medicines. We have set up a teaching the basic techniques of certain disciplines, such as such as M.T.C, aromatherapy... We invite you to discover it in our "Club L.I.F.E -System" area
24Is the business covered by professional insurance?
Yes. A number of insurance companies specialize in Professional liability for healthcare professionals.
25How long does it take to deliver a LIFE System or QuantaScan Pro?
Delivery generally takes one week from the date of order. payment.
26Can I have a demonstration?
Don't hesitate to ask for a demonstration or browse our site to discover the testimonials, articles and documents we've produced for you!
27What is the warranty period?
Our appliances come with a 5-year warranty, our computers with a 2-year warranty and our harnesses with a 1-year warranty. an.
28Is there any way to finance the purchase of one of these devices?
Give us a call! QUANTAFORM +33 (0) 6 07 05 92 17 or +33 (0) 4 93 655 500 We'll guide you through the best program available.