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You are a bioresonance professional, you own a LIFE-System and/or a QuantaScan and would like to be listed on the bioresonance professional map.

Open 7/7 and 24/24, our site is referenced so that the bioresonance the use of the LIFE-System and the QuantaScan are easily accessible to all.

In this way, people who are aware of and interested in the b ioresonance will quickly find you on this map.

If you'd like to be included, sign up now. Simply complete and sign the main document below.

Information sheet:

  • with image rights to download, fill in and file
  • your photo or logo
  • accept the ethics charter

Entry requirements: one of two bioresonance scanners bioresonance scanners , LIFE-System or QuantaScan have received certification in the use of these devices and pay the annual fee of €30.

Please note: for members of the Centre de biorésonance, registration is free with annual membership of the Centre de biorésonance. Center de biorésonance .