Bioresonance for the well-being of our animal friends

Dogs, cats, horses... their balance is essential to their well-being.

Humans have modified the behavior of certain animals, using them as companions or to support activities. Their genetics have been transformed, with consequent effects on their physical and emotional systems.
Like humans, animals have an energy system. Bioresonance bioresonance techniques for animals are based on one principle: there is a link between physical and relational disturbances and the energy system.

Bioresonance for animal welfare

When an animal's energy system is disrupted, this has harmful physical, instinctive and emotional consequences.

The b ioresonance is an invaluable aid to understanding the well-being of individuals and animals. Long regarded as beings without affect, animals are now recognized as emotional, sensitive beings with a conscience. Alternative therapies, such as osteopathy, naturopathy and homeopathy, are increasingly being developed around animal well-being.

These bioresonance and biofeedback technologies are revolutionary because they compensate for the animal's inability to put words to its ailments.

Animal communication and heightened sensitivity

Animal communication is essentially vibratory and intuitive. Animals are highly receptive to energy frequencies. Their sixth sense is highly developed, as they are instinctively connected to their surroundings. They feel emotions deeply and detect fear, aggression or benevolence almost instantly.

Their vibratory receptions exist on a subtler plane than that of the human being, who over time has lost this primitive ability to relate to his environment.

This ability to feel explains the excellent results achieved by Bioresonance in this field; a technique which achieves spectacular results in animals, often faster than in humans.

Application of bioresonance & biofeedback to animals

With the LIFE-System it is possible to check the general well-being of all the various organ systems: respiratory, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, muscular, skeletal... An invaluable aid in the preventive detection of dissonance.

In the case of physical injury, this device is very useful for healing and cell regeneration, repairing cartilage and bone capital, fighting pain and relieving aching joints...

Visit LIFE-System also features a specific profile that lists almost all malfunctions and their frequencies by the most common animal categories, thus improving the possible therapeutic reactivity to an identified pathogen. New frequencies can also be added as new viruses emerge.

Visit LIFE-System also includes the vibratory analysis of all emotions, enabling the detection of past traumas or relationship problems, for example. For animals unable to verbalize their emotions, this possibility is essential, enabling us to understand the specific behaviors they might display to improve exchanges and communication.

Energy rebalancing is totally painless and non-invasive.

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