Info : Replay L.I.F.E.-System Congress

Learn about quantum therapy, holistic therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, and other natural techniques from our exciting speakers.

+ More than 10 hours of conference!

List of speakers :

  • Dr. Patrick Bache: "Better posture for better performance
  • Valérie Rodas: " Energy therapy for animals : focus on the horse and bioresonance ".
  • Nathalie Hildesheimer: "Nutrition, sport and bioresonance
  • Pr Pascal Staccini: "Evidence-based medicine and natural medicine
  • Arnaud Muccini: "Will the future of sports performance be Artificial Intelligence?"
  • Dr. Jean Jaques Dugoua: "The importance of holistic therapies related to biofeedback in the field of naturopathic applications
  • Arnaud Tortel: "How to reduce inflammation, accelerate healing and stimulate muscle recovery?"
  • Jeremy R. Werner: "The application of bioresonance and traditional Chinese medicine to orthopedic and aesthetic problems
  • Roméo Cournal: " The neuroscientific approach to the mental preparation of athletes ".

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